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Norton Hammersley’s trial practice and dispute-resolution group represents local, regional, national and international clients including real-estate developers, large corporations, insurance companies, contractors, financial institutions, small businesses and individuals.

Our Sarasota Business Litigation Attorney practice can handle complex commercial litigation, contract disputes, construction litigation, real-property matters, estate and trust disputes, probate litigation, property-tax disputes, creditors’ rights litigation and lending law matters. We offer significant experience and skill in all aspects of dispute resolution, including negotiations, pre-suit resolution, mediation, trial, arbitration and appeals in all Florida state and federal courts.

Our attorneys utilize state of the art technology and well-trained paralegals to efficiently work through difficult multi-party matters and complex claims to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

For more information on Norton Hammersley’s trial practice and dispute-resolution services, please contact one of the firm’s Sarasota Business Litigation Attorney: Philip N. HammersleyJ. Derrick Maginness or Erik M. Hanson.

Other Practice Areas 

Trial & Dispute

The trial-practice group assists businesses and individuals with complex litigation issues, including contract disputes, real-property matters, estate and trust disputes, probate litigation, and lending law matters—to name a few.

Business & Tax 

The business and tax law group assists business and individuals in the formation of their entities, contracts, purchases and mergers, taxation, intellectual property, and employment issues.

Real Estate Law

The real-estate group provides legal representation for corporate and individual clients in the acquisition, development and sale of residential and commercial real property, as well as leasing and financing.


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