Derrick Maginness discusses Renters Rights at the Sarasota Community Association Network

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Every community deals with renters who break the association’s rules and regulations. While the association’s governing documents may allow it to take certain actions against those tenants, the Florida Statutes provide for remedies as well.

Derrick Maginness joined the Sarasota Community Association Network for a discussion on Renters Rights, Applications and Background Checks at the event at the Sarasota Yacht Club on April 28th.

Landlords and tenants each have rights and duties with respect to the other. Tenants, for example, have the right to exclusive possession and control of the property, subject to the right of the landlord to enter the premises to inspect or make repairs, or possibly to show the property to prospective tenants near the end of the lease term. The lease should spell out when a landlord may enter the tenant’s property, and how much notice should be provided. A landlord’s entry should not be done in a way that disrupts the tenant.

Norton Hammersley’s Real Estate practice can assist by negotiating, drafting and reviewing leases and lease provisions, to make sure your rights are protected, that you are treated fairly, and that your needs regarding the tenancy are met. As a landlord, you should not take the law into your own hands to vindicate your rights. As a tenant, you should not ignore legal actions or demands from the landlord regarding the terms of the lease. Instead, call our office for a free consultation regarding your landlord-tenant matter, and let us advise and assist you appropriately.

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